Online Classroom now at Archer’s

New Classroom Option Available using Online Classroom Curriculum!

Archer’s Driving School is pleased to announce they will be offering their students the opportunity to complete the classroom requirement for the Full Course Insurance Reduction Certificate training through an option of online service providers.

Who might benefit?

If you work weekends and can’t afford to take time off work, or if you generally have such a busy schedule that finding time to attend one of our weekend classroom sessions is difficult, this online option might be convenient for you.

Option 1: Fleet Safety International Online Course

Register with Archer’s and selected either the Online Full Insurance Reduction Certificate Course (Reg. $640 or $622 discounted price). Or, select the On-Line only course ($120.75)

Option 2: the Alberta Motor Association (AMA)

After registering with Archer’s, students would pay AMA directly for access to the AMA online classroom curriculum, and AMA would notify Archer’s Driving School once the student has successfully completed the online theory and testing. Students still complete their in-vehicle lessons with Archer’s at our great training prices, and the Insurance Reduction Certificate would still be issued by Archer’s Driving School.

How does it work?

Students still register for their Full Course Insurance Reduction Certificate (IRC) training directly with Archer’s Driving School.  Register with Archer’s here. They are given the AMA online classroom web address and a school-registration-code from Archer’s to enter when they go to sign up for the AMA online training.
Archer's school code for sign up with AMA online classroom

Students sign up for the AMA online training and pay AMA directly for that online training (either at AMA member rates or at AMA non-member rates). AMA provides confirmation to Archer’s Driving School once the student has successfully completed the online training requirement.

Once the student has also successfully completed the in-car training requirement with Archer’s, then Archer’s Driving School will issue them the Insurance Reduction Certificate.

How much does it cost?

The training fee students pay to Archer’s Driving School is reduced by the amount for the weekend classroom session, so it will just consist of the training fee for the in-car training hours.

For example (using June 1, 2015 prices, for Bronze (10-hour in-car) FC IRC):

Total Fee for IRC with 10 h driving, using online classroom option:

$665.70 for AMA members/$749.70 for non-members
Based on:

In-Vehicle Lesson Fees paid to Archer’s:

$540.75 (includes GST) Regular 10-hr price for in-car lessons only

Online Classroom Fee directly to AMA:

$124.95 ($119+GST) for AMA members

$208.95 ($199+GST) for non-members