View Driving Lesson Schedule

Archer’s Driving School is pleased to debut their online driving lesson schedule!

See the online driving lesson schedule here.  You will be able to view all available driving times.  That way you can see if there are driving lesson schedule times that work for your schedule before you decide to register.

To register, submit your registration form.  Find the registration forms here.  Send your deposit according to your preferred method.  You will be given login credentials to access the schedule once your registration is confirmed.  With login credentials you will be able to confirm lesson bookings.

You will be able to book your own driving lesson times directly as well as manage changes to future driving lesson times (change, cancel, rebook) when changes are made at least 2 days ahead.  If you ever have any trouble with the online driving lesson schedule you can still contact our office by email at

You can let us know if you want to be on our Waiting List. The Waiting List receives notice of any cancellations when the lesson time becomes available. TIP on being on the Waiting LIst:  keep checking the online driving lesson schedule every few days to see if any lesson times have opened up.  We are only alerted to cancellations made 3 days or less prior to the cancelled time.  Changes that are made by students more than 3 days in advance will not be sent out to the Waiting List.

Choose the best version of the online driving lesson schedule, depending on your device…

Desktop version of the driving lesson schedule:

Desktop Schedule

Mobile/smartphone version of the driving lesson schedule:

Mobile Schedule